Our roles vary, but the one thing we all share is a commitment to helping Bloomberg remain efficient and effective – every day. To do so, we partner with our businesses to answer their questions, solve their problems and provide strategic guidance.

Corporate Communications and Government Relations

Our Corporate Communications team manages the messages Bloomberg sends to the marketplace, our clients and employees. Our Government Relations team gives guidance to our colleagues who work on issues involving state and federal governments and international regulatory bodies.


We work with all things (you guessed it) financial. We help clients with customer contract support, and colleagues with contracts, accounting services, tax compliance, accounts payable, compensation and payroll. We also work with teams throughout Bloomberg on their financial strategies, planning, accounting and reporting.

Human Resources

We recruit top talent, develop our employees, promote a diverse and inclusive work environment, influence organizational design and promote operational efficiency. Above all, we drive business through our greatest asset: our people.


It’s our responsibility to make sure all Bloomberg products comply with the latest rules and regulations. We also advise on acquisitions, joint ventures, license agreements, intellectual property, insurance, litigation and more.


Our team figures out which products and services our customers really want, how we can best develop and deliver them, and how we can make them stand out from our competition. We also play a key role in business planning, creative strategy, event production, product development and more.


Our Operations teams comprise the following functions: Security Operations; Supply Chain Management; Technical Support; Transport Management; and Workplace Operations.

We work hand-in-hand with our businesses to support them in achieving success and maintaining efficiency. What does that mean? We ensure that our workplaces are well-maintained (and that our pantries are well-stocked). We procure and distribute the goods and services that we need to do business. We move our people from point A to point B. We manage any vendor-related risks. We keep our employees, assets and networks secure. And we deliver the best customer service in the world.

Philanthropy & Engagement

We channel our employees’ passion and dedication to give back hand-in-hand with our non-profit partners, driving engagement through a number of service opportunities and initiatives across the globe.

Risk and Compliance

We look at the security, data privacy and operational risks we face as a company, and put in place a clear agenda to identify and deal with those risks before they become problems.

We work on purpose.

Come find yours.