The Terminal is a must-have for the most influential people in finance. They depend on it to navigate the world’s markets and manage risk.

It’s not just that the Terminal delivers real-time data, news and analytics to more than 325,000 paid subscribers: it delivers, far and away, more of this information, more quickly, and more accurately than any other source. And it lets its users place trades and communicate across a secure, state-of-the-art network.

The Terminal has thousands of unique applications known as functions. Each focuses on a particular market dataset, down to the most minute detail, and is updated in real time. Market professionals use these functions – which they can compare in nearly limitless ways – to find the most profitable opportunities. We add and improve functions all the time, and help clients make the most of them right away.

The Financial Products team includes Sales & Application Specialists, Core Product, Enterprise Solutions, Trading Solutions and Analytics. Together, we speak 95 languages and support clients in more than 174 countries.

Sales & Application Specialists (App Specs)

We’re not your ordinary sales team. The world’s leading businesses and finance professionals rely on the Terminal daily, and we create and cultivate relationships with them. We work directly with our clients to help them take full advantage of the Bloomberg Professional service, and work with the Core Product team to keep improving and expanding our offerings.

Each of us fully owns the portfolio we work on – from sales strategy and prospecting to consultation and closing – and Bloomberg gives us the extensive training we need to make the most of it.

Who thrives in Sales & App Specs?

Sales: You’re motivated, entrepreneurial and proactive. You’re resilient and eager to help your clients make decisions. Sales is your passion, and staying on top of the markets is not just a job to you: it’s what makes you tick. A natural problem-solver, you’re proud to be on the front-line as the face of Bloomberg.

Application Specialists: Like your friends in Core Sales, staying on top of the markets is what makes you tick. You bring a commercial mindset to your job every morning, and you’re just as passionate about developing the product as you are about driving sales and usage. You want to make an impact by identifying with clients, enhancing their experience, and generating profit for the company.

Core Product

We’re responsible for brainstorming, building and implementing the Terminal functions that clients use to navigate the markets. We partner with the Engineering team to determine what they should develop; with Sales to determine what they should sell; and with Analytics to determine which datasets and Terminal capabilities they should illuminate for our clients. Serving the fixed income, equities, derivatives, commodities, and Foreign Exchange (FX) markets, we’re divided by asset class and we make sure our analytics align with professionals on both the buy and sell sides.

Who thrives in Core Product?

You have a deep understanding of the markets and can work well with many different teams. And since you’ll have to secure funding inside the company, you know how to develop tailored product roadmaps and sell people on them.

Enterprise Solutions

Using the Terminal as our model, we provide our clients with a managed service that allows them to turn data into a competitive advantage, lets them spend fewer resources on data management and helps them to reach their business goals. Our far-reaching products cover their front, middle and back offices. The result: our customers have a single source of data they can use across their organization.

Who thrives in Enterprise Solutions?

You understand how financial institutions acquire, structure and share data across their organization. And you’re a good listener who can come up with creative solutions to our clients’ challenges.

Trading Solutions

We build applications that let our clients manage their trade data and, through the Bloomberg Professional service, connect to the most extensive financial community in the world. Armed with unparalleled data, analytics and insights, they use our trade and compliance applications to instantly respond to changing market conditions, business demands and global regulations. We advise our clients on everything from order processing and trade reporting to risk management. Our solutions help them use that knowledge to make trades across the global capital markets. We deliver financial solutions to buy-side and sell-side firms in real-time, and we give our clients expert advice on everything from straight-through processing of orders to risk management.

Who thrives in Trading Solutions?

The pace on trading floors is fast, but you’re faster. You know the markets like no one else, and you’re ready to handle every challenge that’s thrown at you.

We work on purpose.

Come find yours.