Bloomberg runs on data – and in Global Data, we supply and analyze how our clients consume that data. They use it to measure the risk of monsoons in Vietnam, so when looking to invest in agriculture there, they can make more informed decisions. They use it to measure the real wealth of people in Venezuela when they want to open stores in South America. You get the idea.

Our niche teams normalize all the findings so other data groups here can turn it into insights. On any given day, we identify ways we can make the company’s processes and software more efficient.

Who thrives here?

What do you love? You love the financial markets – and you love hunting down datasets. A coup for you is spotting a pattern in a data set that most others would miss. If you’re not learning, you grow restless, so you dedicate your days to gaining new skills and taking total ownership of your work. Being detail-oriented is a skill that you’ve really fine-tuned, as is an innate ability to deliver projects on track and on time.

We work on purpose.

Come find yours.