We help CEOs refine their strategies. We help financiers make wise investments. We help government leaders make responsible decisions. And we do it by connecting them to a network of news, people and ideas.

At Bloomberg, you’ll be part of that network. And part of an organization that’s constantly entering new markets, launching new ventures and doing what nobody else has done before. You’ll find that with the right attitude, you can go as far as you want.

At Bloomberg, we believe a rich mix of people and points of view is essential to innovation.

Corporate Functions Jobs

With BCS, our global customer support team, you’ll solve problems the second they happen. With BCS, our global technical support team, you’ll make sure your client’s business never goes down.

Our teams are in New York, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo. And at the moment they speak 16 languages.

Who thrives here?

Calm in the face of pressure, you’ll be quite capable of doing ten things at once. A natural problem solver, you’ll be happiest when you’re learning new skills. A great communicator, you’ll know how to work with people all across the company.

What you’ll learn

You’ll gain insight into the structure of our organization, and an introduction to our products, services and clients. You will also expand your knowledge through training.

Where it could take you

Those who succeed in BCS, often move into training, mentoring and team leader roles.

Sales and Analytics jobs

Your advice will be critical to our clients at hedge funds, institutional banks and corporations, and more. You’ll know our products so well, that clients will turn to you first for ways to gain even more from the Bloomberg Terminal. And with such a wealth of knowledge about our products and clients, you’ll be in a great position to make a career here.

Who thrives here?

You can explain anything to anyone, so you’ll have no trouble helping clients get the most out of our products. Curious about the financial markets, you’ll often see what they might need from those products before they do.

What you’ll learn

You’ll start by spending about nine weeks in an intensive training program, learning about all financial assets and the Bloomberg Professional service. After that you’ll spend two more weeks getting familiar with one or more of these sectors: fixed income, equities, foreign exchange (FX) and commodities. Alongside learning, you’ll deal with the many inquiries our clients send to our help desk.

Where it could take you

Once you’re a Terminal expert, you could focus on a specific area within the financial markets (like fixed income or equities) and become an advanced specialist. You could also start selling the Terminal, or move into managing a team of specialists.

Global Data

Our data analysts turn data into insights that change strategies and disrupt markets. It will be your job to keep our clients ahead of the curve. To do it, you’ll dip into every part of Bloomberg. You might end up sourcing data, processing it or setting up the technology that helps us do more with it. Whatever you do, you’ll expand your research skills and bolster your financial knowledge.

Who thrives here?

You love working in financial markets, hunting down datasets and spotting patterns in them that others miss. You grow restless when you’re not learning. You take total responsibility for your work, down to every last detail, and make sure all our efforts are on track and on time.

What you’ll learn

You’ll start out on our Global Data Training Program. In the course you’ll learn about our financial products, what our clients come to us for and how we use technology. After training, you’ll join one of our teams as a data analyst.

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Engineering Jobs

As a software engineer, you’ll build the technology that fuels the Bloomberg Professional service and changes the way our customers understand the world. You might work on pricing algorithms and risk calculations; develop mobile and web apps for people and organizations; or improve and expand our communication platforms.

You’ll be part of a team that thrives on challenges. They push themselves to know the customer intimately. To get to market faster than competitors. To adapt to changes more smoothly than anyone else.

Who thrives here?

A born problem-solver, you’re most at home in a creative and busy environment. You’re interested in finance, even if you don’t yet know it inside and out.

What you’ll learn

You’ll attend a training program to learn about real-time data processing, databases, networking and graphics technologies.
Some of the time you’ll be in lectures and labs, and some of the time you’ll work with colleagues on various projects. Of course you’ll be able to go to your mentor at any time with questions or concerns.

Our engineering teams work closely with the broader technology community. So after training, you’ll have plenty of chances to learn from guest speakers from universities, technology partners and the open source community.

And if you want to keep up your formal training, there’s always Bloomberg University. It has courses that will teach you technical skills, and others that will just make you better at your job.
And you can take them in the classroom, or go at your own pace online. We have training in communicating more effectively, leadership, financial markets, and coding, to name just a few.

Bloomberg Intelligence Research Jobs

What you’ll learn

You’ll organize and evaluate data. Review topics around credit, companies and industries. And write the real-time, dynamic reports we send to our clients. You’ll join as a research associate, working alongside our research analysts to refine your investigative skills until you’ve learned enough to become an analyst yourself.

Who thrives here?

You have an analytical mind, and seeing your work published on the Terminal will keep you motivated. You’re not afraid to bring a quantitative perspective to the table (you probably aced math class) and the financial markets don’t faze you. You’re excited to know that industry professionals will look to your research and your knowledge when making serious decisions, so you understand the importance of keeping your voice creative and interesting.

We work on purpose.

Come find yours.