We work on some of the most fascinating technical challenges in business and finance, developing solutions that have an immediate impact on the world’s financial markets. Our technology doesn’t just inform those markets; it drives them.

Chief Technology Office (CTO)

Quantitative finance. Machine learning. Software development. Open technologies.

Our technologists are constantly researching and innovating new and better ways to give financial professionals everywhere the best possible product and service.


We’re the engineers and architects behind the world’s number one source for real-time and historical financial market data and analytics. Communications platforms. Data analytics. Trading platforms. News and information. We deliver all of this and more through our software, digital platforms, mobile apps and hardware.

Who thrives in CTO and Engineering?

You work fast to get things done – and to get them done right and in real-time. Yes, you’re a team player, but working independently is how you work best. You like to take ownership of solving the whole problem. Versed in the latest technology trends, you can develop and recommend flexible, creative and scalable solutions. You understand our technology, from the front-end to the foundation, and you appreciate knowing that your work will make an impact on your team, on the company, on our clients and on the financial markets.


How do we describe the design challenges posed by one of the world’s most important financial software ecosystems? Complex and vast, for a start. And that’s what our Financial Products UX team lives for: solving big issues and defining the user experience for a product where billions of dollars are at stake. We work in nimble, high-impact teams in a company that recognizes and values our work. This is a place for passion and dedication, ideas and humility, where seriousness of purpose and a sense of humor are the fuel we run on.

Who thrives in UX?

You’re passionate about developing high-impact products that pack a positive user experience. Challenges don’t faze you; they excite you, because you’re driven by finding solutions (and creating them if they don’t already exist). Nimble and collaborative, working on vast enterprise products is your thing, as you’re driven by that kind of complexity.

We work on purpose.

Come find yours.