ENG Intern – Tech Taco Tuesday w/ Tom Marshall

May 17, 2018

Join us for one of our weekly tech talks to learn more about our software engineering teams. This week, Tom Marshall will discuss Quantum Computing.

Quantum computing, still in its infancy but promising exponentially faster computations, has generated widespread interest among physicists, engineers, and programmers – and also the business community. In this talk, we’ll introduce the basic principles of quantum computers, discuss what they can and can’t do, and illustrate what it means to program a quantum computer.
There are two basic kinds of quantum computer, the Universal Digital Quantum Computer (DQC) and the Analog Quantum Annealing Computer (AQA). We’ll present an introduction to the basic principles and review the state of the art in these two technologies, focusing on recent advances in DQC-on-a-chip technology. We also give a more subjective assessment of the commercially available D-Wave AQA.

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