Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF)

At BNEF, we pride ourselves on having a clear-eyed view of the energy markets. It’s based on evidence we’ve been collecting since our founding in 2004, when “clean energy” was just entering the lexicon. Since then, nobody’s been processing more data and analysis on clean energy, carbon markets and low-carbon technologies than us. A team of more than 150 analysts, we publish new reports on renewable energy every single day.

We also deliver investment data and advisory services and hold executive events for international decision-makers.

Who thrives in BNEF?
You’re one part idealism and two parts pragmatism. Concerned about climate change, you specifically want to bring economically viable analysis and solutions to the problem.

Bloomberg Government

When government is at its best, diverse ideas are at work. The same is true of government analysis. That’s why the people on our team are left, right and center. The data tools they use have no bias, and neither do they. That bipartisan approach lets them deliver incisive analysis on government affairs to our clients, who include congressional staffers, government contractors, lobbyists and federal agencies among others.

Who thrives in Bloomberg Government?
A hard worker with a sense of urgency, you’re more interested in uncovering root causes than receiving credit. And you’re excited by the challenge of changing the way Washington looks at and uses information.

We work on purpose.

Come find yours.