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Bloomberg unleashes the power of information to inspire people who want to change the world. In the worlds of business, finance, government, policy and philanthropy, our aim is true: provide data, information and insights that help cut through complexity to solve challenges great and small.

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Interact with financial heavyweights, from hedge fund managers to investment bankers, as a member of our Analytics group. You’ll be exposed to all parts of our core product while sharpening your expertise in a specific area. The foundational product knowledge you’ll gain can help you springboard across the company. Learn more about Analytics.

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“As an art history major, I never took an economics class. But the training is excellent and it truly sets you up for success.”


Every engineer at Bloomberg is a problem-solver. Some of us started our careers at start-ups, and some of us bring experience from working at other technology giants. The one thing we all have in common is that we’re versed in the latest technology trends and our work always has an impact. Learn more about Engineering.

“Working as an engineer, you get to learn finance too, which was a huge selling point.”

Global Data

Numbers, numbers, numbers: the foundation on which Bloomberg is built. Whether analyzing the amount of rainfall in Thailand or measuring consumer confidence in Mexico, the work our Global Data team produces is critical to our clients’ success – and it’s what makes Bloomberg the most elite data source in the world. Make a real business impact while also cultivating lasting relationships with the most vital players in finance. Learn more about Global Data.

We connect to more than 370 exchanges globally and profile 2.5+ million business, finance and government leaders.

News & Research

Bloomberg is home to one of the world’s leading and most respected news organizations. With more than 2,400 journalists in 150+ bureaus, Bloomberg News & Research is a robust force around the globe. With our unique access to Bloomberg’s cutting edge technology, analytics and distribution channels, our News & Research team provides our audience with up-to-the-minute breaking news and analysis. Learn more about News & Research.

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News & Research

“I got my first byline on my first day and in 15 minutes, I had published my very first story.”


Connectors. Problem-solvers. Do-it-all-ers. The Operations team, within Corporate Functions at Bloomberg, learns the company front to back, inside and out. We believe in white-glove customer service and above all else, we are committed to sustaining the momentum of our client’s business throughout the world. Learn more about Operations.

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